Outstanding Professor

The ‘Outstanding Professor’ award is given biennially to the professor who most inspires our students. Students nominate professors each semester, from which the Honors program staff chooses a deserving candidate.  A professor need not have taught an honors course to be eligible for the ‘Outstanding Professor’ award.

Previous winners include:

Year Semester Name Department
2015 Spring Anne Spain Biology
2014 Fall Neil Patten Communication
2014 Spring Paul Klatt Biology
2013 Fall Charles Vannettte Foreign Languages (German)
2013 Spring Bradley Isler Biology
2012 Fall Stephen Lee Pharmaceutical Sciences
2012 Spring Diane Maguire Business / Professional Golf Management
Annette Keyt Business / Professional Golf Management
2011 Fall David Schrock Communication
2011 Spring David Aiken Philosophy
2009 Fall John Cullen Literature
2009 Spring Scott James Biology
2008 Fall Gary Miller Biology
2008 Spring John Kane Business / Law
2007 Fall Amy Dorey Business
2007 Spring Phil Middleton Literature
2006 Spring Robert Barnum Fine Arts
2005 Spring Colleen Partiagianoni Chemistry
2004 Fall Bruce Beetley Biology
2004 Spring Gary Horn Communication
2003 Fall David Pilgrim Sociology
2003 Spring Kent Sun Mathematics
  • Anne Spain, 2015 Outstanding Professor, along with Dr. Bradley and Alex Costa, President of HSC. From Ferris SmugMug gallery http://ferrisphotos.smugmug.com/Academic/Honors/2015-40-Dinner/ Spring 2015 Outstanding Professor - The Honors outstanding Professor award is a student-led award. Students nominate professors who have helped them, regardless if it was in an Honors class or not. Previous winners of this […]
  • Neil Patten, Professor of Communications, receiving the award for Outstanding Professor, Fall 2014 Fall 2014 Outstanding Professor - The honors program is, at its core, an academic program designed to challenge students to succeed in their chosen professions. Cultivating excellence in the classroom starts from the student’s first […]
  • Outstanding Professor Spring 2014 Dr. Paul Klatt Outstanding Professor, Spring 2014 - Dr. Paul Klatt inspires his students by making the subject—specifically Animal Behavior and Environmental Conservation—“so fun!” But that doesn’t mean that he is considered ‘easy.’ This was, in fact, a […]
  • Charles Vannette, Outstanding Professor Outstanding Professor, Fall 2013 - “You can tell just by the way he teachers and cares that he is extremely passionate about teaching here” and “the perfect role-model” Professor Vannette not only provides such inspiration […]
  • Bradley Isler, PhD Outstanding Professor, Spring 2013 - Professor Bradley Isler, Biology

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