Stoles are awarded during the Senior Send-Off Banquet each Spring for Service and Leadership. Stoles may be worn at graduation, along with the Honors medallion. Those honored with a Stole will have their names engraved on a plate displayed in the Honors Program office.

Stoles are awarded by a committee of faculty and Honors Program staff after reviewing Senior graduation papers. Starting in Spring 2014, there will be no need to write an additional application for a Stole—the committee will review the application to graduate as a basis for awarding the stoles.

  • Stole winners, 2015. From Ferris SmugMug gallery Leadership Stoles, 2015 - Aaron Biever has guided the FsU outdoor club through T’s tremendous growth in the past two years. The trail-building and river clean up service opportunities that the club has developed […]
  • Stole winners, 2015. From Ferris SmugMug gallery Service Stoles, 2015 - Amber Cumings has tallied a remarkable 478.5 service hours during her time in Honors. Second by only 12 hours to our Outstanding Scholar Michelle Dunn.  But we’re not just recognizing […]
  • Stole winners 2014 Service Stoles, 2014 - Brooke Crandall’s breadth of volunteering experience is stunning – she’s volunteered cleaning up roads with Adopt-a-highway, helped the elderly play bingo at Metron nursing home, interacting with cancer patients at […]
  • Stole winners 2014 Leadership Stoles 2014 - Alexandra Bowker has worked for the past three years to bring AIESEC, an international internship organization to Ferris campus and the largest student organization in the world. Like all real […]
  • stolegroup Honors Awards 2013: Stole Recipients - Seven Honors students received special recognition for their contributions to Ferris and the Honors Program during their four years here. These highly motivated students received a white stole which they […]
  • Group - Stole Winners Stole winners 2013 - Stoles 2013 (pictured above) Service— Candita Cox Abigail Dutkiewicz Brendan Doyle Leadership— Derek VanderHorst Amber Koepel Erica Asaro Jessica Monitz

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