Director’s Notes

From time to time (hopefully monthly), I’ll post my thoughts on our program, the philosophy of education, coffee, the latest Dr. Who episode, the coolness of black Chucks–all the things that matter in the life of a Director of Honors.

Good Citizenship (11/14/2016) - I write to you today to talk about the election. The election of Donald Trump has emboldened elements in our society who are dedicated to spreading hate and intolerance. Our […]
Thank you Charlie! (5/19/2016) - The Honors community has learned today that Charlie Malone, our trusted Advisor, is departing for a similar position at his Alma Mater, Kent State.  During the past three years, Charlie […]
Welcome back! Spring 2016 (1/11/2016) - Dear Honors Students, Welcome back!  I trust that you all had a relaxing and renewing winter break.  We have a number of exciting opportunities coming up this semester, so I […]
Reminder for end-of-year reports (4/14/2015) - Good Morning — As we come to the end of another academic year, it is time to reflect on our accomplishments and start setting goals and making plans for next […]
Call for Honors Ambassadors 2015 (10/17/2014) - As many of you probably remember, last year we started a pilot ‘Honors Ambassador’ program where current students called prospective students to talk about the program and what it meant […]

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