Community Engagement

Community engagement is at the heart of the mission of our Honors Program, as it should be.  The Community engagement requirement for the Honors Program is not just about ensuring that we give back to the Big Rapids and Mecosta County communities, but also about enriching the college experience of our students.

Community engagement inculcates a sense of civic responsibility, provides opportunities to develop intellectual skills by applying them to tangible problems,  and expands students’ ethical and cultural perspectives. Each student in the Honors Program commits to at least 15 hours of community service a semester, some far more.

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Honors students painting a house in Louisiana, 2011. Photo used with permission of the participants. Days of Service and Learning Facilitator Positions Available - The Honors Program is recruiting co-facilitators to lead service projects for our Days of Service and Learning during the month of September. Positions are available for the following service projects: Evergreen […]
Honors Fun Day 2017. Courtesy of the Honors Program at Ferris State University. Fun Day Volunteers Needed - The Honors Student Association is looking for volunteers to run games for Fun Day on Friday, August 24 from 9:30 AM to 2 PM. We will provide a box lunch. […]
PeerMentor Transfer Student Mentors Needed - The Honors Program is recruiting mentors for transfer students for the Fall 2018 semester. Transfer student mentors are expected to meet with their mentee(s) for one hour a week in […]
Photo Courtesy FSU Honors Program Volunteers Needed for Move-In Day and Fun Day! - The Honors Program is looking for volunteers for two events. We need help setting up for a convocation in Ewigleben Arena on Thursday, August 23 from 3:30 to 5:00 PM. […]
Honors Move-In Dates - As you probably know, the Honors Program has a special, early Move-In Day for freshmen and peer mentors: Thursday, August 23. If you are not a freshman or a peer […]
Volunteers Needed! Image cc-licensed from Flickr User allerleirau: Loving Day Family Party Volunteer Opportunity - Volunteers are needed for the Loving Day Family Party on Saturday, June 16th. They will train volunteers at noon that day. Volunteers are expected to work one or both of […]
Ferris Community Band at the Big Rapids Band Shell. Courtesy of Director Dr. Richard Scott Cohen of the Ferris State University sponsored summer community band. Cultural Event: Ferris Community Summer Band Concerts - This summer, the Ferris Community Band will, yet again, be holding a summer concert series. The concerts will take place at various outdoor locations throughout Big Rapids. The rain location […]
Volunteer Opportunity: Readers/Scribes Needed - Educational Counseling and Disabilities Services is looking for volunteers to be Readers/Scribes for the summer as well as the 2018-19 Academic Year. If you volunteer, there will be a contract […]
2018 Leadership and Service Stole Winners. Courtesy of Ferris State's Smugmug Leadership and Volunteer Stoles 2018 - Honors Stoles are awarded to graduating Honors students by a committee of faculty and Honors Program staff after reviewing Senior graduation papers. Stoles may be worn at graduation, along with […]
Created by Jacob Pollock using an open source image from pixabay and Microsoft word Part-time Personal Assistant Opportunity - A Big Rapids community member is seeking a part-time personal assistant to provide support with daily living tasks, involvement in community events and in-home recreational activities for a adult female […]
Your Honors Student Association RSO - Did you know that all Ferris honors students are automatically members of the Honors Student Association RSO? Your RSO has an e-board, called the Honors Student Council, and four committees: […]
Serve Banner. Courtesy of the Honors Program at Ferris State University. Volunteer Tutors Needed - Kayla Stickler, a therapist working for Community Mental Health for Central Michigan, is looking for volunteers to tutor children aged 12 to 18 in the Big Rapids area. The schedule […]
Serve Banner. Courtesy of the Honors Program at Ferris State University. Artworks Volunteer Opportunity - Artworks is in need of a volunteer to help with their after school art sessions. They will need help on April 5th and 9th as well as May 10th and […]
Serve Banner. Courtesy of the Honors Program at Ferris State University. Spring Cleaning with the Public Health Student Association Volunteer Opportunity - The Public Health Student Association is hosting a spring cleaning by collecting cigarette butts from the grounds of campus as part of National Public Health Week. They will be picking […]
Created by Jacob Pollock using an open source image from pixabay and Microsoft word Easter Egg Hunt Volunteer Opportunity - The Students with Children Program at Ferris State University will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt on Friday, March 30th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at the Big Rapids High School. […]

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