3-Year Completion: Eryn Cornell

Eryn 006During my honors orientation as a Freshmen in 2010, there was a Business Administration Program that encouraged students to complete their degree in just three years. At first the idea was a little intimidating, but having had 12 credits transfer in as college credit from AP classes in high school, made the idea just a little less daunting. To complete my degree, there were several ways I went about getting my credits. I started taking credit loads between 16 and 18 credits which was surprisingly manageable. The summer after my Freshmen year, I went on a study abroad trip to Italy with other students from Ferris, led by our own faculty. After my return home, I also utilized Oakland Community College during that summer. As well as benefiting from the S-cape test offered at Ferris for my Spanish credits and taking Ferris online courses during the summers. I was successful in my quest to graduate in three years, and will walk in May 2013.

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