Clifton P. Thornton

Clifton P. Thornton (2011)

Clifton P. Thornton (2011)

Graduated in May 2011
B.S. in Nuclear Medicine Technology
Minor: Biology and Health Illness and Society
I have to admit that I initially joined the Honors Program at Ferris because the perks of the organization were most appealing to me. What started as a selfish decision turned into one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of my college career. The Honors Program has undoubtedly influenced me more than any other organization at Ferris because it surrounded me with resources and people to help me achieve success. I met Dr. Krishnakali Majumdar and Dr. Piram Prakasam who helped mentor and guide me through my academic career along with Maude Bigford and the Honors Program staff.

As part of the program, I was requested to join student organizations and forced to expand my social network. I quickly discovered passions I had not known before. I became more involved in extra-curricular activities and grew as a person. I served as the Community Service Chairperson, vice-president, and president for Ferris Stars which supports the Make A Wish Foundation. I worked at the Academic Support Center as a tutor and as a facilitator for the Structured Learning Assistance program. I worked for the Office of International Education and as the Editor-in-Chief for the Honors Program Newsletter, The Endeavor. I studied abroad on full scholarship in Europe and played an active role in my campus community. These experiences and opportunities gave me the ability to grow as a person.

After completing an internship at The University of Michigan Medical Center in May 2011, I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology, an Associate’s degree in Applied Science, a Minor in Biology, and a Minor in Health & Illness in Society. Since then, I am studying Pediatrics in the Nurse Practitioner program at The Johns Hopkins University as a graduate student. I am now doing some research with pediatric oncology patients at The Johns Hopkins hospital, and have been accepted to do my practicum on the oncology unit of The Johns Hopkins Hospital of Singapore this summer semester.

I owe much of my academic and personal success to the Honors Program. The organization helps students grow by providing them with invaluable resources as they complete their education.