Courses for Fall 2013 – summary

Theatre Royal Brighton" by Ian Muttoo from Mississauga, Canada - Theatre Royal Panorama, Brighton, UK. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons. THTH 215: Honors Introduction to Theatre - An appreciation of the theatre arts: the role of the audience; play structure and genres; theatre artists; and the fundamentals of play production. The students will read representative plays; view […]
Honors Logo. Honors Courses That Need A Permit: GEOG 421, HUMH 327, LITR 306 - Honors students must email the Honors Office ( to get registered for: GEOG 421 National Parks  HUMH 327 Honors Mythology LITR 306 Honors Nonwestern Literature To be fair, we will not accept emails […]
Courses for Fall 2013: Old Testament as Literature - LITR 290: Old Testament as Literature will seek to introduce students to a sampling of literature from the Old Testament/Bible in a variety of genres. We’ll explore how the literature […]
Honors Registration for Fall 2013 – Important Information - Honors students may register for courses beginning Monday, March 18. Please check your assigned registration date in MyFSU and make sure it is correct. If it is not correct, contact […]
CC-licensed by flickr user mgdtgd: Courses for Fall 2013: Honors Psychology of Personality - Individual differences and review of basic theoretical orientations to the understanding of personality and complex human behavior. Overview of related techniques, procedures, and findings of personality assessment and research. Discussion […]
CC-licensed image from pixabay: Courses for Fall 2013: Intro to World Short Fiction - Genre structure, narrative techniques and thematic traditions. Extensive reading and discussion of works by European, British, American, and Third World authors. This course meets General Education requirements: Cultural Enrichment and […]
Courses for Fall 2013: Intro to African Lit - Honors section of Literature 203: Introduction to African Literature.The most important voices and talents in post-colonial Africa, both novelistsand poets. Includes the works of Armah, Ngugi, Soyinka, Achebe, Bessie Head,Diop, […]
Courses for Fall 2013: Honors Mythology - Mythology Honors examines classical and Norse methodology. We will cover three main areas and themes: (1) divine myth, (2) legends, (3) Roman and Norse myths. Prerequisites: Enrolled in Honors Program […]
Courses for Fall 2013: East Asia in the 20th Century - The Honors section of History 371. The history of China, Korea and Japan in the twentieth century, their cultural similarities and dissimilarities, and their adaptation to the West. This course […]
Courses for Fall 2013: Civil Rights Movement – Honors - Honors section of History 315The various individuals and movements in the United States from colonial times to the present who have attempted to establish and maintain civil rights and full […]