Honors students strive for intellectual autonomy and academic excellence so that they may be prepared to contribute to the advancement of their chose professions by completing at least 10 credit-hours of Honors course work with a grade of ‘C’ or higher.

Normally, students take the 1-credit HNRS100 and 3-credit COMH121 Public speaking Honors in their first year.  In the second year, students take at least two 200-level or above general education courses.

    • In extraordinary cases of inflexible major or program requirements, or in cases of internal or external transfers who have already completed COMM 121 or its equivalent, the COMH requirement may be postponed or waived, at the discretion of the Director.
    • Course work completed on a qualified study-abroad program may be substituted for Honors course work if pre-approved by the Director.  Please contact the Honors Advisor prior to departure.
    • Course work completed during an Honors Semester satisfies the Honors course work requirement.
    • Courses are normally taken in the second year (between 24 and 48 credits), but if your schedule requires an exception (such as in the case of certain programs in Education and the Engineering Technology), please contact the Honors advisor

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