Courses for Fall 2013: Old Testament as Literature

Old Testament Holy TrinityLITR 290: Old Testament as Literature will seek to introduce students to a sampling of literature from the Old Testament/Bible in a variety of genres. We’ll explore how the literature of the Old Testament has shaped, responded to, and advanced Judeo–Christian Western society.

Selected readings from the Old Testament will be used to demonstrate the range of literature contained in the canon from poetry; epic storytelling; proverbs; visionary pieces; to historical accounts of battles, love, betrayal, loyalty, humor, birth, life, and death.  Learn about heroes and villains, plots, and popular images that still show up widely in literary works today.  We will also study how the culture of the Middle East and the times shaped the ways in which stories were told and remembered.

Class projects, internet research, discussion, and personal discovery will be used to understand Old Testament literature from the viewpoints of the diverse readers; the scope of historical development of the canon and translations; and how literary devices such as genre, symbolism, and etymology contribute to storytelling and meaning making.

Whether you are a Bible scholar, curious to find out what is in the Old Testament, or just willing to discover this ancient yet modern anthology of inspirational storytelling and poetry, this class will be an opportunity to explore the stories and topics of the Old Testament that are of most interest to you.  All you will need is access to a copy of the Old Testament online or in book form.  All our other information will be gleaned from the internet and sources I bring to class.

Taught by Caroline Stern, PhD, Professor of Languages & Literature

Fall Semester 2013                       3 credits of Cultural Enrichment     

Monday, Wednesday 10:00 AM in Starr 130

Friday is group project and research day in ASC 1006 computer lab