Service Stories: Brendan Doyle and BRHS Powerlifting team

The Big Rapids Weightlifting / Powerlifting team - the author at right.

The Big Rapids Weightlifting / Powerlifting team – the author at right.

I serve as an assistant coach to the BRHS powerlifting team. My job as a coach involves running the after school practices, teaching the kids about lifting techniques and motivating them to get stronger. I also serve as a sort of mentor or older brother to many of the kids that come to me with questions about school, college, grades, homework and even family or social problems they may be having. I work with the other coaches to help create a safe, structured, team environment that gives the kids an opportunity to become better athletes, to learn how to be a member of team and what it means to take responsibility for yourself and your teammates.

The program has grown 10 fold in the last 5 years and I now work on a daily basis with as many as 30 athletes, both boys and girls. I believe that by creating an environment that motivates kids to achieve goals they may not have thought possible (i.e. lifting 400lbs) and promotes hard work and responsibility will serve as a catalyst for other aspects of their lives. Once they recognize that there is a direct correlation between hard work and success they now are on the right path to achieving other goals such as getting into college, or playing a college sport or just graduating from high school. I love the work and I intend to continue to give back to the community by serving as a BRHS coach.