Service Story: Jenna Ladd Alternative Spring Break

I have been a volunteer wrangler at Cran-Hill Ranch for this past school year. I help with trail rides, wagon rides, day camps, or overnight horsemanship weekends. It’s a great way for me to combine my horse knowledge with my community service!
I also attained lots of my hours from a recent Alternative Spring Break trip to Atlanta, GA. I went with FSU Wesley House. We interacted with homeless people in the inner-city area of Atlanta, especially working through the area homeless shelters. We also handed out lunches underneath numerous overpasses, and gave lunches to residents of one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Atlanta, called The Bluffs. We hugged and prayed over lots of homeless people, including many drug addicts, alcoholics, and victims of other circumstantial situations. It was definitely one of the most life-changing weeks of my entire faith walk, and I’m so grateful that God provided me with this opportunity!