Honors Residence Halls Sculpture Names Results

After a month of nominations and a week of voting (206 total votes), the results are in:

Pickell Hall

Diakonia: Pickell Hall

“Diakonia”Greek word for service done with a voluntary, willing attitude.

Vote was done through rating the preference for various names on 0-100 scale. There were 9 Total nominations for Pickell. The results were:

Name Count Rating
Dikonia 127 68%
Polis 126 61%
Hands of Honor 124 59%
Whole World in Our Hands 119 43%
Together, Equally 120 42%
Carl 68 28%
City de Manos 73 27%
Las Manos Sobre La Desventaja 76 22%
PALMS! 73 15%
Miller Hall

Uranus, Chronus: Miller Hall

“Uranus, Cronus”

Father and son, though mutual hatred made them come to blows their familial sacrifice was needed for the creation of a beautiful world. Their struggle represents the sacrifices we must all sometimes make for the good of all and our personal success.

There were 2 Total nominations for Miller. The results were:

Name Count Rating
Uranus, Cronus 124 64%
Atlas Hugged 81 40%
Ward Hall

Episteme: Ward Hall


Greek word for knowledge

There were 8 Total nominations for Ward. The results were:

Name Count Rating
Episteme 113 67%
Aether, Morpheus 84 51%
Reaching for Success 100 47%
Begin With a Book 89 44%
Higher Learning 81 44%
Run With The Pages 75 39%
Emerging from Books 72 33%
Run With A Page 58 20%
Puterbaugh Hall

Prometheus, Atlas, Gaea: Puterbaugh Hall

“Prometheus, Atlas, Gaea”

From Prometheus comes the light of mankind and the raising up of our values. Atlas sustains these values as wondrous ideologies and helps up Gaea who represents the life of the student body, striving for greatness, forming an unshakable base for the progress of our program and its students.

There were 9 Total nominations for Henderson. The results were:

Name Count Rating
Prometheus, Atlas, Gaea 108 65%
Archos 115 64%
Lead to Succeed 100 45%
Take the Leap 91 36%
Driven by Passion 93 35%
Leading/Lead by Example 91 35%
Make a Difference 80 27%
Taking on Challenges on Step at a Time 76 26%
Be a Mover and a Shaker 73 26%
Henderson Hall

Hephaestus, Apollo, Artemis: Henderson Hall

“Hephaestus, Apollo, Artemis”

Hephaestus is confined to be a cripple but still his works of art and craftsmanship accentuate his determination. He exemplifies the mindset of an honor student. Apollo, gives life as well as music and through his complexity we see the true colors of a diverse and well rounded honors student. In yellow his sister Artemis praises the unknown and the wilds. Our humanity is meaningless in our dreams but from our dreams, from the wilds of our imaginations the truest beauty comes forth. Artemis represents humble nature, conservative action and modesty within creativity.

There were 2 Total nominations for Puterbaugh. The results were:

Name Count Rating
Hephaestus, Apollo, Artemis 119 67%
Kallos 116 59%