Honors Program Senior Symposium Winners

On April 25, 2013 seventy-five seniors gathered in the Rankin Center Dome Room to share their final project with the Honors Program. The students were required to do an investigative study on a topic relating to information they learned during their time at Ferris. The findings of the investigation was displayed on posterboard and each student presented oral reports about their results to our three judges, Dr. Peter Bradley, Debbie Dawson and Karen Strasser.

After much deliberation, three winners were chosen. Candita Cox’s “Can Plastic be a Realistic Material for Aesthetic Art Sculptures Applications?”, Kelly McCarthy’s “How Does Lateral Violence Affect Nurses and Patient Care?”, and Lauren Pinner’s, “What is Branding, and Why is it Important?”¬†presentations were selected as the overall winners. Candita, Kelly and Lauren all received recognition awards later that evening at the Senior Send-Off Banquet.

Abstracts for the winning posters will be published here shortly.

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