LITH233 Final project: Dystopic futures

For the final project in the Honors Science Fiction class, groups were instructed to create a Wiki page based either on a Utopia or Dystopia. There were no specific guidelines but to simply create the perfect or imperfect world of your choosing. Example projects included Global Warming, Oil Depletion, and an acquired hemophilia due to a “cure-all” drug.  The Wiki was set up through FerrisConnect, and consisted of several pages linked to each other. These pages would include text that described the Dystopic causes and effects, and media such as pictures and videos to help present the reader with an idea of what was going on. On the final exam day, the groups were instructed to present the class with the process in which they created the Wiki page. Groups weren’t supposed to explain their utopic/dystopic world to the audience, but instead explain the process of how they created the page. This included explaining difficulties had while creating the project, what changes they would have made given more time, and how the groups effectively used media in the Wiki.

The following are some excerpts my group used in our project:


“In the span of 18 years, the ozone layer over Antarctica has been nearly completed eliminated. This rapid rate of depletion has caused polar ice caps to melt at unprecedented rate. Water levels have risen in excess of 75 feet in some areas, causing mass flooding and change to our environment”

“In 2013, the U.S. imported about 20% of its food supply.  Now, we import over 45% of our food supply, including almost all of the fruit consumed.”

– Ryan Kaiponen