Interested in how the Honors Program runs? Sign up for the HSA!

This year, we’re launching our new Honors Student Association, which will provide a significant voice for students in the governance structures of the Honors Program.  The HSA is, as stated in the preamble to its constitution:

a student-run organization, works with the Honors Program administration to further the mission of the Honors program of providing intellectual challenges, resources and support to highly able and motivated students, while encouraging service and leadership for the public good. The Honors Student Council (hereafter HSC) represents the HSA and provides input to the Honors Council and Honors Program Administration about concerns and wishes of the students.

The Honors Student Council is open to students in Honors at Ferris State University regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious identity, national origin, physical or mental disability, age, marital status, genetic information or status as a U.S. Veteran.  The Honors Student Council abides by and supports all established policies of Ferris State University, including those of Student Government and the Honors program, State and Federal laws, and local ordinances and regulations.

The HSA provides a framework that will unite the other disparate groups of Honors students: the Honors Peer Mentors, the Honors Programming Board and the Endeavor.

In addition, the HSA includes two new structures that will assist in running the program: the Academic Affairs Committee and the Community Engagement Committee.

The Academic Affairs Committee:

seeks to provide intellectual challenges and support to Honors students.  The committee engages in an open dialogue with the Honors Program administration about the structure and assessment of the curriculum of the Honors Program, including the requirements to maintain good standing in the Honors program. It seeks to encourage collaboration between the Honors program and other academic activities on campus, including but not limited to, collaborating with other academically-focused RSOs such as FSUbuntu, identifying topics and speakers for our ‘Lunch and Learn’ series, and advertising fellowship, scholarship and research opportunities available to our students.

While the Community Engagement Committee:

seeks to integrate Honors students into the community by identifying and promoting high-quality service opportunities.  It seeks to encourage collaboration with other organizations promoting service on campus, including the Volunteer center and student RSOs. It is always looking for community partners with whom it can collaborate to help Honors students realize their commitment to service.

Leaders of each of the organizations and committees will sit on the eBoard of the HSA, which is called the “Honors Student Council.” Representatives of the Honors Student Council will serve on the Honors Council along with faculty and administrators from across the University.

If you are interested in helping build the program, please stop by the Honors Program offices in Pickell to sign up!

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