Study Away—Dominican Republic, 2013

Third-Year Operations/Supply Management student Mabel Acosta, traveled to the Dominican Republic in August, which was partially funded by the Honors Program. The following is a small excerpt we received from Mabel regarding her trip:
“We went to Dominican Republic to install filters to homes of bateys provided by Cascade and La Romana, Dominican Republic. That was our excuse for heading there, but the reasons it was so memorable extends way past that. The people we met there are of the most genuine and loving I have ever met. I would love to continue to go back and visit.Here are a few pictures that I have of our trip. It was absolutely amazing! I could never fully encompass my humbling experience in words. Yet, if one story stands out in my mind, it is the High-Fiving story with kids.”
We would like to thank Mabel for sharing her story and photos with us!