Advisor Notes, An Introduction

I suppose I should start with an introduction: My name is Charlie Malone, I just arrived from Colorado to work in the Honors Program here at Ferris as the new Honors Advisor. I was an Honors student myself at Kent State University in Ohio. Since then I’ve earned graduate degrees in Literature and Creative Writing. Additionally, I’ve worked as a Residence Hall Director at Kent and Naropa University in Boulder, CO. On the side I’ve worked as a journalist, a poet, a pigeon wrangler/photographer for a rafting company, I toured the country promoting literacy and conservation efforts as part of a giant bicycle festival, and had many other assorted adventures. My wife, Susan, and I are excited to be here in Big Rapids. We’re thrilled about the number of trees, the wide, swift Muskegon, the arrival of autumn and being much closer to our families in Northeastern Ohio.

My role in the Honors Program is to support you as a student and as a person. You’ll come to me with questions about service and cultural events and I’ll come to you with ideas. Hopefully, I’ll never have to talk to you about being on Honors probation. What I want for you all more than anything is to see you take ownership of your experience in Honors. I want to see students shape this opportunity, to push the program and themselves.

Come see me any time, for any reason. My office is in Pickell right between Tammy and Dr. Bradley. All week I’m visiting the residence halls for meet and greets with cookies and refreshments. Tuesday I’ll be in Henderson, Wednesday in Miller, Thursday in Ward, and Friday in Puterbaugh. Come say hello.

Lastly, I had the time to visit Artworks last night to see the Oaxacan art exhibit and meet the artists behind the work. It’s a really spectacular show and a great addition to the University’s Hispanic Heritage Month Programming. Go see it while you can.