Lunch & Learn: Unconventional Public Speaking Tips: An Insider’s Take

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Please join Brooke Moore, David Schrock and Paul Zube of the Communication Area to examine some lesser-known tips of the public speaking world.  What do microphones, speaker anticipation and posing have to do with it?  Come and find out!

The concept of “power posing” will be explained that was studied by Amy Cuddy of the Harvard Business school.  Her study showed how your non-verbal behavior before the actual event can predict your success in presentations and job interviews.  Through research that examines testosterone and cortisol, we are able to show you why this is true.

“Power posing” is an effective way to help manage speech anxiety and improve speech performance. Anxiety is not all bad, however. This presentation also examines the importance of anticipation on speaker performance. Appropriately managing and creating anticipation in a positive manner can make speeches more enjoyable for the speaker and, by proxy, improve the experience for audiences.

Finally, we will take a look at how to use a handheld microphone effectively for any presentation. These devices seem quite simple, but still strike fear into the hearts of many! This presentation will include instruction on how to avoid common problems encountered when using a handheld mic.

Join us for this informational Lunch and Learn on Tuesday, October 1 at 11:00AM in the Honors Conference Room, PIC 142C. To reserve your seat, please RSVP to