Dinner & Learn: “Winning At Life”


Cari Scholtens

Ferris State Alumna, High School Teacher, published writer, YouTube viral starlet, public speaker and all around nerd.  Speaker Cari Scholtens is all of these things and she can help you on your quest of “Winning at Life”.  In this presentation, Cari will discuss how to make yourself stand out in the job market, how to make money while in college and beyond, and above all how to live life to the fullest and be an interesting and well-rounded person.  Cari’s presentation is fun, laid back and quite lucrative to the right set of ears!

Cari will be presenting this Lunch and Learn on Wednesday, October 16 @ 5:00PM in the Honors Conference Room, PIC 142C. Of course, we will be serving Jet’s pizza and pop for your dining pleasure! To ensure a seat, please RSVP to gosss@ferris.edu or call Sharon in the Honors Office @ 231.591.2216 by October 15.

And just in case you’re wondering, here is her video that has more than 4.3 Million views: