ANTH 371: Honors Medical Anthropology

image for med anthro doc with patientMedical anthropology deals with illness and healing in cross-cultural perspective, and raises questions about the nature and cause of illness, and the experience of health, illness, and the patient role in a modern industrialized society. This semester we will focus on health in Western industrial cultures and ask questions such as – How do political-economic forces influence health? What is “care”and how is it distributed? What is the intersection of health, work, social life, and religion? What roles do each of us play in community health? Students will have two options for their final paper in this course:  writing a research proposal-type paper; OR reflecting on/documenting their service hours with an agency that influences community health. This course meets General Education requirements: Social Awareness and Global Consciousness. Typically Offered Spring only.

Prerequisite: Member of the Honors Program at Ferris.

Prof. P. Meyer, MW 3:00-4:15 PM

Service hours completed for this course as a part of the service-learning project will count towards the 15 hours total required of all Honors students.

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