Brainchild: Call for Creative Sumbissions

Brainchild: Creative Works

Brainchild: Creative Works

Having just come to Ferris after  working with an independent publishing company in Colorado I was excited to see an opportunity for students to see their creative work in print. The Mid-East Honors Association has an art and literary publication just for you. An added bonus is that the conference is in Grand Rapids this spring. Trust me, the chance to see you name and work in print can feel pretty wonderful.

If you want to talk more about your work, or want to share a submission before you submit it, let me know. Below is the call for submissions and more information about the project. It turns out that students at my alma mater are behind this Brainchild:

Have you ever thought about having your creative work published? Here’s your chance.

Brainchild, the art and literary magazine of the Mid-East Honors Association (MEHA), will be accepting original submissions in a variety of art and literary categories for publication in Spring 2014.

All contributors will receive a hard copy of the publication, which will be available at first distribution at the 2014 MEHA annual conference. The publication will also be available in a digital format that will broaden the audience for student work.
The submission deadline is November 15th.

It is our hope that you will consider the benefits of publication as an undergraduate. More information about the publication is available at

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