Advisor Notes, Registration Season

If I didn’t remind people to make sure to take COMH 121 in their first 25 credit hours, to have a plan to get to 10 Honors Credits by taking two Honors courses their second year, to keep up with their service, leadership, and cultural eventing, or to find something brilliant for their Senior Symposium—I would be negligent in my role.  So, do those things. If you have questions or need help, email me at, call x2811, or come by to visit. If I’m busy Tammy and Sharon can likely help you out just as well. I am always happy to set up an appointment to keep you on track in taking advantage of all the opportunities within our program. And, importantly, meet with your program advisor to get cleared for registration which begins October 28th at 10:30am.

As midterm grades come out, there’s support for students who want to ensure an excellent GPA: tutoring in Pickell, the Academic Support CenterEducational Counseling, and more.  Don’t be shy. As a wise teacher once said, if you aren’t going to be passionate about your education; how can you expect anyone else to be?

1378514_10101841987738834_869280619_nIn other news, my first month at Ferris has been wonderful. I’ve gotten to meet many of our students. A small group of talented individuals came away to a leadership retreat in beautiful Roscommon.  I’m excited about the work Honors Programming Board is doing on the Variety Show.  The Adopt-A-Highway service project was great fun that included rabbits and sheep and a lovely fall day; Rake and Run should be another good event. In spite of the government shutdown, I’ve been hiking throughout the Manistee National Forest on the weekends (See Photo). We’ve had some provocative Lunch and Learns and other cultural events.  I can’t believe I missed Art Prize, and I have to be out of town when everyone goes to Grand Rapids for Dracula…the ballet. All in all, I’m keeping busy, learning a great deal, and enjoying Ferris.

As always, I’m here to support you: Let me know how.