Lunch & Learn: Promoting Critical Thinking Skills in the Classroom and Beyond

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

The “problem” with traditional methods of instructional delivery is that little responsibility is placed on the student to actually process, understand and apply knowledge.  Unless critically engaged in the material in a thoughtful, applied way, the student will not analyze and synthesize the information in a manner that allows them to internalize and apply knowledge to real world situations.

The purpose of the approach to Student Centered Learning is to systematically cultivate  excellence early on in the student’s thought process and form lifelong learning skills by applying Drs. Richard Paul and Linda Elders work on Critical Thinking Concepts & Tools. Students, who think critically, will become better learners. As a result, the student who practices responsible thinking will be able to think beneath the surface and ask essential questions necessary for deep learning. Through this process students are able to clarify, find purpose, determine accuracy, depth and significance to insure that concepts are understood and ready for further application. Practicing the art of critical thinking instills the necessary skills for life-long learning.


• Student will self-evaluate and evaluate peers in a constructive manner related their educational competencies

• Students will demonstrate the ability to skillfully acquire information in a selfcorrective, self-disciplined manner.

• Students learn in a deep and substantive way that transfers to their lives in a  world of accelerating change and complexity.

Professor Kimberly Beistle will be presenting this event on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 at 11:00AM in the Honors Conference Room, PIC 142C. Please RSVP by noon, October 28 to ensure a seat for this informative event, as well as a great lunch from Jet’s Pizza. Send your RSVP to [email protected].

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