Lunch & Learn: Developing Leadership on Campus

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Would you like your voice to be heard?  Danielle Leisner, Coordinator of Student Leadership and Activities is hosting a focus group with the overarching purpose of capturing what students want, expect, and think about developing leadership on campus. This is an opportunity to share and make meaning of your experiences. At the same time, you can help Ferris grow and improve the opportunities and support for developing your leadership skills. The range of responses we will be looking for will include what type of events they would attend, what styles of learning they feel is most effective, and what kind of topics they would like to see taught at a leadership event. Student Leadership and Activities is trying to better assess what the students want and need so this is a time for them to tell us just that.

The meeting will be held as a Lunch and Learn on November 21 at 11am in Business 219. Please RSVP to by November 20. Jet’s pizza and pop will be served.