Honors Outstanding Scholar Award

Outstanding Scholar Plaque located in the Honors Program Office

Outstanding Scholar Plaque located in the Honors Program Office

The Outstanding Scholar award is given to one student annually who best exemplifies the characteristics of Honors students. The Outstanding Scholar’s name and college are engraved on a plate that is displayed in the Honors Program office.

The characteristics of an Outstanding Scholar include, but are not limited to:

  1. Leadership (president of RSO, editor of The Endeavor, founder of RSO, involvement in many RSOs, winner of Torch Bearer Award, evidence of commitment to ‘public good’, etc.)
  2. Commitment to community engagement (created a service project, had a “pet project” that he/she was devoted to, amassed many hours of service, made many contacts through service, won local or national award, evidence of commitment to ‘public good.’, etc.)
  3. Excellence in academic major (high GPA; presented a paper, involved in a research project, did an independent study, did an outstanding research paper, hosted a Lunch and Learn session for honors cohort, etc.)
  4. Interest in professional development (attended conferences, presented at an undergrad research conference, excellent internship results, etc.)
  5. Inquisitive nature regarding a wide variety of subjects (multiple minors, wide ranging reading interests, wide ranging outside interests and involvement, etc.)
  6. Scholarly interests  (plans for grad school or professional school, evidence of research agenda / outlook for future work, etc.)

Candidates for Outstanding Scholar are required to submit an essay detailing why they believe they exemplify the values of the Honors Program. After an interview with the finalists, the Outstanding Scholar is determined by an committee of faculty from across the University.

Recent winners of the Outstanding Scholar Award include:

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