Cultural Event: Silk Acrobats

Free Tickets!

Free Tickets!

Silk Acrobats at Williams Auditorium

Honors will give away 20 free tickets to see the Silk Acrobats next Friday, February 14, 2014. You must be one of the first 20 to arrive at Williams Auditorium the night of the event to receive the free tickets.  The Williams Box Office will be open one hour prior to the event (6:00 PM). They will have an Honors student list. Tell them you are an Honors student and show them your ID. You must be an Honors student in good standing to eligible for the free tickets. This event in Williams starts at 7:00 p.m.

The Silk Acrobats from China were founded in 2004 as a source for high quality, authentic and affordable cultural entertainment. The choreography is a fusion of traditional acrobatics and modern dance, giving freshness to the performances. The music is a balance of hard/soft, exciting/calm, strong/weak – emulating the Yin Yang (Dark / Light and Female / Male) interpretation of the Chinese culture. The show is a high energy, tinged with danger, action-packed never-to-be-forgotten extravaganza that has audiences of all ages at the edge of their seats.
Vignettes can include: Hoop Diving, Plate Spinning, Candelabra Contortion, Happy Chef, Hula Hoop Contortion, Straw Hat Juggling, Handkerchief Spinning, Pole Diving.
If you have any questions, you may contact