Stanley J. Dean Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Stanley J. Dean Memorial Endowed Scholarship was established in 1994 by his family, friends and colleagues to give recognition to students who demonstrate outstanding leadership ability. In his 21 years at Ferris State University, Mr. Dean served in the positions of assistant to the president, administrative aide to the Board of Control, vice president for institutional relations and as a teacher of journalism and public relations. He encouraged students to get involved in campus and community affairs and become thoughtful leaders able to communicate with others. This Memorial Endowed Scholarship shall recognize students who have demonstrated such leadership ability and shall encourage participation in campus and community activities as a meaningful part of the whole educational process.

The amount of the scholarship varies depending on funding.
To be considered for selection, the following criteria must be met:

  1. A candidate for the scholarship must be a full-time junior level (56 to 85 semester  credit hours earned) student, in good standing, who has maintained a cumulative  grade point average of 3.00 or higher.
  2. Applicants for the scholarship shall have demonstrated leadership potential in  campus and/or community activities. These activities include but are not limited  to: academic leadership (outstanding academic achievement), student  government, athletics, student organizations and activities (e.g. Accounting Club, Ferris Communication Association, Torch), sororities, fraternities and community/volunteer activities (e.g. Starburst, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Home Hospice).

Application in PDF Form. Application Deadline March 1, 2014