Dinner & Learn: Career Pathways and the Pharmacy Profession

Photo courtesy of depts.washington.edu

Photo courtesy of depts.washington.edu

Professor Jeffrey Bates will be presenting a Dinner and Learn on Monday, March 24 @ 5:00PM in the Honors Conference Room,  PIC 140 about the Career Pathways Program. Below is Professor Bates description of this event:

To make a sound career decision, you need knowledge about two important subjects:  the pharmacy profession and yourself. The APhA Career Pathway Evaluation Program for Pharmacy Professionals is not a “quick fix” that will enable you to reach a career decision by the end of the workshop, nor is it a substitute for your own research. However, it can help you identify the pharmacy career option that is appropriate for you by providing information and guidelines you will need to carry out this process.

After working through the exercises within this program and participating in a live workshop, you will not only have detailed and useful information about many areas of pharmacy practice, but also will have a clearer understanding of how to choose a career path in pharmacy that is right for you.

Additionally, those who wish to participate need to complete a survey prior to attending this event.  Students can simply begin by clicking “Start Assessment” at http://www.pharmacist.com/pathway_survey  This survey is pretty in-depth, so they should plan to dedicate about 1 hour prior to our meeting in order to get the most out of our time.  (I have personally completed this program twice and want to assure the students, the benefits of this program are well worth the time investment!!)

After completion they should print out the results and be sure to bring this information (esp. the Survey ID) with them to the session on 03/24.

Without having completed the survey, the value from our session will be minimized greatly.  Again, this program is designed to help students make better choices, not just simply to be informative.  As such, each student must actively participate (both prior to, and during the session) for the process to have its greatest benefits.

Any student concerns can be directed to me and I’ll happily guide them.

If you are interested in attending this event, please complete the survey and RSVP to sharongoss@ferris.edu by Friday, March 21. We will be serving Jet’s Pizza for the “Dinner” portion of the event.