Kevin Neff Helps the Boy Scouts

Honors student Kevin Neff, a senior pursuing a BS in Recreation and Leadership Management lent a helping hand to the Boy Scouts of America this winter by organizing a crew of volunteers to make the trek to their Traverse City camp. After speaking to the Camp Ranger, Kevin learned that due to the extreme conditions experienced this winter throughout Michigan, some of the buildings roofs were overloaded with snow and at risk of collapsing. Kevin was joined by two other Honors students, Joyanna Powell, a senior studying Human Resource Management, and Jacob Longenecker, a first year Pre-Optometry student, as well as other Ferris students.   Below is Kevin’s story:

“On Wednesday, 5 March, Jacob, Joyanna, and five other volunteers joined me on a trip to Traverse City.  The camp where I used to work, Camp Greilick, was having issues with snow accumulation on some of its program buildings.  My former employer, the camp ranger, contacted me asking if I could help.  Through the FSU Volunteer Center and through the Honors program I requested help and seven answered the call.  Both Joyanna and Jacob were crucial in clearing five roofs at the camp and reducing the snow load literally by tons.  In all, the volunteers gave up nearly eight hours of their time on a weekday, and helped ensure the camp ranger that there would be no chance of roof collapse this winter.”