Lunch & Learn: “Get Real”

Financial Aid, FSU

Ferris State Clocktower

This Lunch and Learn presented by the Financial Aid Office will be discussing ‘Money Smart Week’ here at Ferris and introducing Green Path Debt Solution’s program, “End of Money Stress”. We will also be talking with the students about the Financial Aid Office’s upcoming program, ‘Get Real!’ which is a fun, interactive reality game that will provide students a glimpse into the future. We’re asking the question, “What do you think your priorities will be when you’re out of college and experiencing life?” and also talk a little bit about the following event, ‘Fast Forward’. For more information about these upcoming events, go to:

This event will take place on Thursday, April 3 at 11:00AM in the Honors Conference Room, PIC 142. Please RSVP to by noon on Wednesday, April 2.