Study Away—Scotland/England

Kelsey Burnside, a junior majoring in Elementary Education, with partial funding from the Honors Program at Ferris State University, traveled to Glasgow, Scotland in the United Kingdom to practice her teaching skills with a program hosted by the University of Strathclyde. Students were placed in classrooms with UK students to help them learn teaching techniques in a foreign country. 
Kelsey shared some of her photos from her experience with us as shown below. The first picture, is a view of the Tower Bridge from the River Thames. Many people believe this is the London Bridge, but it isn’t! The second picture is Kelsey in front of Kensington Palace where Prince William, Kate and Prince George are living right now. Notice all of the ornate gold decoration on the gate. Picture three is Kelsey’s classroom. She was placed in Primary 1 & 2 in the city of Glasgow Public School System, which would be the equivalent of Kindergarten and First grade here in the States. Kelsey states, “The toughest part of the classroom was getting used to the kid’s accents”.
Kelsey was able to take a break from the classroom for a two day tour of the Highlands.Picture four is the famous Loch Ness, although it looks like Kelsey didn’t see ‘Nessie’ on her visit.  Picture five is Kelsey in front of the highest peak in Scotland, but it is mostly covered by clouds. Picture six is the view after climbing halfway up the mountain.
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The seventh picture, before the group photo, is a view of Edinburgh from the top of Arthur’s Seat, which was once an active volcano. The group photo shows everyone that participated in the Study Away Program. They are all seated on the sign of the college that sponsored this experience. The dean of Strathclyde paired the American students up with Strathclyde students so they could show them the sights of the city of Glasgow. The American students also had to give a presentation at the end of their trip to show what they had learned in the Glasgow Public Schools. The last photo, is a group photo in front of Holyrood in Edinburgh, which is where Queen Elizabeth II stays while she is in Scotland.