Lunch & Learn: FSUbuntu

FSUbuntu, Ferris State University

FSUbuntu, Ferris State University

FSUbuntu is short for Future Scholars Ubuntu.

Ubuntu means: “I am what I am because of who we all are” -Leymah Gbowee.

FSUbuntu was designed to help students compete for internationally competitive scholarships, especially Fulbright, and host global events on campus. Our mission is to provide students leadership opportunities to explore their individual interests that relate to globalization, global issues, and international affairs. We also give our members one-on-one help when they are applying for competitive international scholarships, grants, and careers.

 At the Lunch & Learn on Thursday September 18 @ 11:00AM, we will be going over different, exciting, events that FSUbuntu has put on in the past and are planning to hold in this year. Some of those events may be events you have attended, such as the One World Futbol Soccer Tournament or the Art and Music Festival.

We will share first hand stories of successful students who have gained valuable experience through FSUbuntu. That experience has helped them gain acceptance into grad school or even acceptance for a Fulbright. We will discuss how you can get involved as well. You do not have to be pursuing the Fulbright Scholarship or grad school to join.

FSUbuntu is a fun organization that brings very important topics to the forefront of campus life and it is a great way to gain leadership experience. Please come find out more about us and hear our stories!

This Lunch & Learn will be held in the Honors Conference Room, PIC 142 on September 18 at 11:00AM.  Please RSVP to by noon on Wednesday, September 17 to reserve your seat and your lunch from Jet’s Pizza!