Keep on Volunteering: Resources for volunteering over the holiday season

Do you like to volunteer, are you short on hours, do you want to help out your local community during the break?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then I’ve got a great resource for you! Volunteer Michigan is a great site to find volunteer opportunities all over the state. The site offers you a quick and easy way to source opportunities, get contact information, and sign up for service opportunities where ever the holiday season takes you.

Volunteer Michigan is a nonprofit started to help promote year round volunteerism throughout the state. The organizations promotes other nonprofits opportunities and even sets up its own service projects all over the state. I (Jake your loyal VISTA person), personally helped on a gardening project with Volunteer Michigan in Lansing. The opportunities was great, a fun experience in which I got to meet new people in the community and on the volunteer team. I highly suggest looking at this link for Volunteer Michigan and sign up to be a volunteer in your community!

If you’ve missed volunteers hours in the fall semester, then take advantage of the break to catch up before school starts back up. Plus you can feel good about helping out your community.

Share-able image from Volunteer Michigan

Share-able image from Volunteer Michigan

Happy volunteering and happy Holidays! See you all in the spring.