Fulbright UK Summer Institute Applications due Feb /March

Screenshot of UK-UK Fulbright website: http://www.fulbright.org.uk/

Screenshot of UK-UK Fulbright website: http://www.fulbright.org.uk/

Interested in apply for one of the 9 summer institutes in the UK sponsored by the Fulbright program?  Here’s a recent announcement from them regarding the program and how to apply:


These Summer Institutes provide a unique and enriching opportunity for US citizens with two years of university study left in university to study in the UK during the summer. Students will take part in cultural events, research, collaboration, and presentation at an esteemed British University. Students in all disciplines are encouraged to apply.

We will be offering nine Summer Institutes this year covering a wide range of disciplines from art to archaeology. A complete list of Institutes and details may be found here: http://www.fulbright.org.uk/fulbright-awards/exchanges-to-the-uk/undergraduates

For further information, please contact Valerie Schreiner, Program Coordinator for the Summer Institutes at valerie@fulbright.org.uk