Service Opportunity: Our Brother’s Keeper

Our Brother’s Keeper (OBK) Shelter

The need to provide shelter for the homeless has proved itself large again heading into 2015. OBK Shelter is currently at capacity with individuals and multiple families. Figuring out where people will lay there heads is sometimes a logistical challenge!

Volunteers are in short supply and I encourage all of you who are interested to get training, all of you trained to shadow, and all of you who have shadowed to come on in and help out! This is a very rewarding experience if you spend your time at the shelter conversing with guests, playing cards, or helping them with job or apartment searches. For students, it can be a quiet place to study. Last year we had to close our doors during the daytime due to lack of volunteers. We don’t want to do that this year, but won’t have a choice if volunteers don’t help.

Please call us today to sign up! (231)-629-8033