Service Opportunity: Riverview Science Fair

Riverview Elementary School is seeking Honors Students to help with their Science Fair. Volunteers for this event can expect anywhere from 2-7 hours of service hours depending on the level of participation. The event will happen on Tuesday, February 24th from 5:30 – 7:30pm.

Volunteers can assist at the event for 2 hours of service or if you help coordinate one of the investigations/experiment tables it is expected to take about 2-5 hours in addition to the 2 hours at the event. If interested please contact Angie Mishler ( by Friday, January 30th at 5pm, put “HNRS RV Science Fair Volunteer” in the subject line of your email. A volunteer meeting will be coordinated for the week of February 2nd to discuss logistics.

Here are the units being taught and which to create an investigation/experiment around:

– Kindergarten would like something with “Sun and Moon”

– First Grade focus on Magnets

– Second Grade would like “Properties of Matter” and they has some investigations already in mind.

– Third Grade would like “Light and Sound”

– Fourth Grade is on a unit of study about the body and right now they are investigating the eye.