Last Chance to Apply for 2015-16 Peer Mentor Positions


Fun Day 2014, Photo Courtesy of the Honors Program.

Have you considered being a member of the Honors Peer Mentor Program? The essence of this program is to encourage leadership through service. Taking on a Peer Mentor roll is a learning experience for you that also includes benefits like earning service hours for the Honors program and connecting with even more with the Honors community. Doing your best to achieve excellence in your role as a Peer Mentor will bring about a sense of accomplishment because you will see your efforts manifested in the lives of your mentees. This is truly the greatest reward of being a Peer Mentor.

Now is the time to start sending in applications for interviews to be a Peer Mentor. Applications can be emailed to Erika Segraves at and are due March 7, 2015 by the end of the day.

Interviews will begin the week after Spring Break.