Advisor Note: CLEP Tests

One of the most time and cost effective ways for you to earn college credit is through the Office of Institutional Research and Testing. As their site states:

“Ferris State University offers you a great opportunity to earn course credit for prior learning through our College Credit-by-Exam Program. The concept is simple. We offer 33 national College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)* tests to provide you with the possibility of earning credit in academic areas commonly studied by college freshmen.”

You can see how these tests will transfer to your specific major and general education requirements here: For this to be worth your time and energy, you need to make sure to take the correct tests. This is especially true for students hoping to test out of College Composition. As Jenice, an Advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences, points out:

“Please be sure that if you intend to take the CLEP test for ENGL 150 that you select the “College Composition” test when scheduling your CLEP testing appointment. You are not required to CLEP, we recommend that you CLEP ENGL 150 via the College Composition test if your ACT English sub score was 24+. If you are interested in the CLEP for ENGL 150, here is the link with information about what is tested: register for the College Composition CLEP to earn ENGL 150 credit, please sign up here: note that scoring for the College Composition test takes approximately 6 weeks, you will not be permitted to register for ENGL 250 until your ENGL 150 scores have been received by FSU.”

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Charlie Malone, Honors Advisor