Final instructions for printing symposium posters

Your poster should be 36 high x 48 wide. Powerpoint is the easiest way to lay it out, but you can also use Adobe Illustrator.

When you finish your poster, go to the front desks at Timme and tell them you need to pay for a poster.  They will ask you if you want it mounted on a foam core or not. The cost is minimal – $10 for printing, $32.86 for printing & mounting.  Staples charges at least $30 for printing alone.

Mounting is an excellent choice, but it will mean that you will no longer be able to roll up your poster. So you have a choice: either pay the extra for mounting, OR buy a cardboard tri-fold and use binder clips to present your poster. If you intend to present your poster at a different venue after (or before) the Symposium, I would recommend NOT mounting it. Rolled posters are easier to transport.

Either way, your poster WILL need to stand upright on a table.  Note that is is a change from the original instructions—the movable walls that we thought would be available are not, so we are going to ‘Plan B’.

Once you have paid for your poster, keep your receipt. It is what you will use to to pick up your final poster.

When your poster is ready, save it as a PDF and email it to CC’ing  We will consider this act ‘turning it in.’  If you can’t get PDF to work correct, you can send it in as Powerpoint. But PDF is easier for everyone.

Please save the poster as ‘lastnamefirstnamehonors.pdf’ (i.e. ‘bradleypeterhonors.pdf’) before you send it.  You can imagine our pain at having 80 files named ‘HonorsPoster.pdf’.

You MUST do this before 4/24 at noon, but you *CAN* do it anytime between now and then.  Sooner is better- it allows Kent to plan the printing schedule.

If you want to check out some samples and templates: