Leadership Opportunity: Honors Student Council

The Honors Student Council (HSC) is seeking nominations for executive board. The Honors Student Council represents Honors Students and provides input to the Honors Council and Honors Program Administration about concerns and wishes of the students HSC works with the Honors Program administration to further the mission of the Honors program of providing intellectual challenges, resources and support to highly able and motivated students, while encouraging service and leadership for the public good.

Specifically HSC advises the administration on the following:

  • Honors Course Contracts
  • Cultural Event Trips
  • Honors Travel Funds
  • Student Conduct
  • Faculty Recognition
  • Academic Program Review
  • and more

To nominate yourself for one of these positions, please write a short letter of interest stating what you hope to bring to these conversations. Describe what you see as the opportunities and limitations of the Honors Program. Include a list of relevant involvement and leadership experience on campus. Lastly, let us know what position your are interested in. Send nominations to charlesmalone@ferris.edu.

All members participate in the decision making processes in the group. The positions include:

  1. President—Responsible for communication between council and administration including creation of the Agenda.
  2. Vice-President—Supports the president as needed.
  3. Secretary—Documents the progress of the group.
  4. Treasurer—Supports and communicates with administration concerning Honors Funded Travel.
  5. Member-at-Large (Multiple Positions)—Participates in decision-making and represent HSC at Honors Council.
  6. Honors Liaisons for Peer Mentors and Honors Programming Board (Multiple Positions)—Connects the efforts of Honors RSOs to the work of HSC.

Nominations are due by April 21st at 5pm.