Cultural Event: By Coffee

Today! Monday April 27, 2015 at 6:00 pm in IRC 121 FSUbuntu will be hosting a screening of the film Connected By Coffee.
The film follows two North American coffee roasters on a 1,000-mile journey across Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua to listen to the stories of the people who grow their coffee. On the way they meet with soldiers who have become growers, powerful women who are controlling their own destinies and countless small-scale farmers joining together to form cooperatives.
The film serves as a starting point to educate coffee drinkers about the basics of fair trade, cooperatives, social justice, shade grown/organic, the conflict infair trade, coffee-rust- AND invites the viewer to not only make conscious purchasing decisions, but to learn more, get involved, and take action. Created by Aaron Dennis and Chelsea Bay Dennis of Stone Hut Studios.
There will be snacks and drinks provided. Visit the Facebook page here for more information about the event.