Service Opportunity: Horse Care Needed

horse-44490_640A local resident needs help while recovering from surgery. Marlene Eaton is looking for volunteers familiar with horses to help feed her horses and do some other tasks around the house. She has 6 horses that live outside and need to be fed 2 times daily, in the morning and the evening before dark. Marlene lives alone and the help is needed 7 days a week for approximately 5 months total.

She is still in need of help over the summer for any students who are staying the summer and want to get service hours. Help is needed until the end of June.

Marlene lives 7 miles down 16 Mile Rd. She is willing to provide a volunteer with an upstairs room should they like to stay and volunteer for extended periods of time.

If interested please contact Marlene Eaton (Phone: 231-349-0313, Email