Honors Program at Ferris State University

Lunch and Learn: How Arguing Can Make You Friends

Southern Belle tavern lounge observation car Kansas City Southern Railroad - Public Domain image from Wikimedia commons

Our first Lunch & Learn of the semester will be Thursday September 10th and will be hosted by humanities professor, Dr. Kristi Scholten. In her presentation, entitled “How Arguing Can Make You Friends,” Dr. Scholten will discuss information about and the benefits of competing with the FSU Speech and Debate Team. Below is a short synopsis on what Dr. Scholten hopes to cover during her Lunch & Learn:

“Traveling and competing with the FSU Speech and Debate Team builds your resume, acts as a great networking opportunity with future employers, offers scholarship opportunities, and helps you build lifelong connections. I will introduce the kind of intellectual adventure the team engages in by discussing a few common mistakes people make in their writing and speaking (known as logical fallacies).  I will also give tips on how to avoid these pitfalls.”

The Lunch & Learn will take place on Thursday from 11:00am till 11:50am in the Pickell Conference Room. Jets pizza will be provided for those students who attend. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP before noon on Wednesday, September 9th by emailing or calling our office at (231)591-2216. We hope to see everyone there!