Honors Program at Ferris State University

Cultural Event: Bridging Cultures and Faiths, Mosques Visit in GR

The Islamic Mosque and Religious Institute in Kentwood, Michigan serves a diverse Muslim community in the Grand Rapids area. Image embedded from http://muslimsinmichigan.org/2010/04/12/islamic-mosque-and-religious-institute-kentwood-mi/

Bridging Cultures and Faiths is an exciting, free cultural event giving FSU students the opportunity to visit two mosques in Grand Rapids: Middle Easterner and Bosnian. By visiting the two mosques, the students will appreciate the differences in the architecture that exist between regional mosques and the nuances of the cultures that use them.  The students will be afforded the opportunity to listen to short presentations on Islam, interact with professional Muslims, and observe parishioners at the Friday prayer.  Additionally, they will experience the tasty Middle East cuisine.

Dr. Dakkuri would like to extend an invitation to  students in the Honors Program to participate in this event. The trip is planned for Friday, October 2.  The bus will leave campus at 10 am and we expect to be back on campus around 4 pm.

Those who are interested or would like additional information are asked to email Adnan Dakkui () of the International Office, ext. 2240. When registering, please be sure to include your name, email address, and phone number. Registrations must be received by Adnan Dakkui by 5:00pm on Tuesday, September 29.