Honors Program at Ferris State University

MINDS Aflame Speaker Series: Olukemi Fadayomi

BEYOND: Diversity Office of International Education

Professor Olukemi Fadayomi, from SmugMug, used with permission from Ferris State University

“Beyond: Globalization” at Ferris State University will be holding their annual MINDS Aflame event on September 29th from 5:30pm till 8:30pm in the Williams Auditorium. This event is similar to a TED Talk and it will include 9 presenters who speak for about 12 minutes each. This speaker series is a great way for students to finish their Cultural Event requirement as each hour of this event counts as one Cultural Event.

One of the speakers in the first hour of the event will be Olukemi Fadayomi. Professor Fadayomi is a Professor of Biology and researcher whose interests “focus on the effects of parasitic infections on the immune system. I [Fadayomi] am currently investigating the prevalence of Schistosomiasis and its co-infection with HIV in a cohort of school-ages children in northern Namibia.” At the MINDS Aflame event, Fadayomi will make a presentation entitled “What is globalization?” and will be discussing the definition of globalization. Below is a quick synopsis of what her presentation will cover:

“Globalization, the process of integrating and interconnecting our world through the exchange of ideas and goods, is rapidly changing our world. The complexity and richness it brings, helps us to make sense of our world in a deeper way. Globalization influences individuals and societies in a myriad of ways leading to challenges, uncertainties, ambiguities and conflicts. It also brings the many varied systems of knowledge; skills and ways of thinking to synergize our abilities to problem solve, innovate, and enrich our lives. The integration of the world, allows us to go beyond and see ourselves as part of a larger continuum.

This academic year, we have an opportunity to explore globalization through the BEYOND project, aptly titled BEYOND: Globalization. With Ferris State University becoming more global, we are at a pivotal moment to leverage what globalization has to offer. As we prepare our students for a rapidly changing global world, the BEYOND initiative would allow us to collectively reflect, prepare, and act in shaping our lives and the world we share.”

For more information about Professor Olukemi Fadayomi, click here and to see her presentation make sure to attend the MINDS Aflame Speaker Series on September 29th!