Honors Program at Ferris State University

MINDS Aflame Speaker Series: Enefe Adaji and Wayne Bersano

BEYOND: Diversity Office of International Education

“Beyond: Globalization” at Ferris State University will be holding their annual MINDS Aflame event on September 29th from 5:30pm till 8:30pm in the Williams Auditorium. This event is similar to a TED Talk and it will include 9 presenters who speak for about 12 minutes each. This speaker series is a great way for students to finish their Cultural Event requirement as each hour of this event counts as one Cultural Event.

Wayne Bersano, from SmugMug, used with permission from Ferris State University

Enefe Adaji, from SmugMug, used with premission from Ferris State University

During the first hour of the event, international student from Nigeria, Enefe Adaji, andstudent body president, Wayne Bersano, will be presenting a spoken word act entitled”Opportunity in Diversity.” Their act will encompass the many different backgrounds, cultures, and countries, which make up our Ferris community.

Below is a video teaser from their performance last year:


To see their presentation make sure to attend the MINDS Aflame Speaker Series on September 29th!