Honors Program at Ferris State University

Cultural Events: Hispanic-Latin@ Heritage Events

Latin@ Heritage Month Poster Detail, courtesy of Ferris State Office of Multicultural Student Services

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15), the Office of Multicultural Student Services seeks to create a collaborative lineup of events that promote the contributions of Hispanic Americans to our society and the diversity of the culture. Events are free and open to the public and are a great way to satisfy your cultural event requirements. Events will run from September 22nd to November 2nd so as each event draws closer, keep an eye on the Honors blog, as we will be posting short blurbs about each event and what you can expect.

The first event, entitled “Hispanic & Latino: History, Race, and Identity,” will be a discussion held on Tuesday, September 22nd at 11am in University Center 203 (Founder’s Room). Below is a description of what topics this event will cover:

“Labels of identity such as Latin@, Hispanic, Chican@ are often used to describe members of the Hispanic community, join us for a discussion as members share their insights on historical and personal relevance of identifies within the Hispanic community. Confirmed panelists include: Dr. Jessica Cruz, FSU Center for Latin@ Studies; Eduardo Sanchez-Rojas, Grand Rapids Public School; Kaylee Moreno, Ferris Alumna, The Literacy Center of West Michigan; Karla Garza, Hispanic Student Organization; and Natialia Carvalho-Pinto, Health Professions.”

For more information about the events and Latin@ Heritage, visit their Facebook page or contact OMSS at (231)591-2617 or by email at .

Latin@ Heritage Month Poster, courtesy of Ferris State Office of Multicultural Student Services