Honors Program at Ferris State University

Lunch and Learn: Discovering the Past in Art History

Southern Belle tavern lounge observation car Kansas City Southern Railroad - Public Domain image from Wikimedia commons

Rachel Foulk will be presenting a Lunch and Learn on October 13th entitled “Discovering the Past in Art History.” During her presentation, Professor Foulk will speak about her Honors Art History course that she will be offering in Spring 2016. Below is a short description of the course and her presentation about it.

Great Pyramids at Giza, Egypt. CC-licensed from Wikipedia used with permission from Rachel Foulk

“What do masterpieces like the Great Pyramids, the Colosseum, and Notre Dame Cathedral tell us about the people that produced them? We will answer such questions in a new Spring 2016 Honors Course. This presentation will introduce Art History 110: Prehistory through the Middle Ages. Beginning with the world’s oldest paintings found in prehistoric caves, we will journey through time, studying works of art and architecture make in the Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Medieval Europe. As you examine iconic works, you will also have the opportunity to recreate ‘lost work of art’ that no longer survives.”

To learn more about the new course and ask questions, please join us for the Lunch and Learn on Tuesday, October 13th from 11:00am till 11:50am in Pickell’s Conference Room or visit the course description blog post. As usual, pizza from Jets pizza will be provided for those who attend. Please make sure to RSVP before noon on Monday, October 12th by emailing .