Registering for Classes on November 2nd

Registration season is upon us. The course listing is live and the Honors Courses.We are excited about the courses we have this semester; when we look back at what graduating students tell us about the Honors Program we consistently see that the Honors courses outside their majors were some of the most valuable experiences at Ferris—even if they were less than confident about this on registration day. We are glad to report that Honors Courses can now be looked up through MyFSU in the course look up as an attribute under “Advanced Search.” Simply select all the the subjects and then select “Honors Course” to view the options.

Remember the requirement is to earn 10 credits in Honors before completing the program. Typically that means HNRS 100 + COMH 121 + ELECTIVE  + ELECTIVE. But, we have many ways to customize your Honors experience to fit your major, goals, interests, or incorporate Study Abroad.

Do not forget Honors registration begins at 10:30am on November 2nd. Know that we are here to help. Know that some departments control registration to courses, or use pre-registration systems. If a course you need shows up as closed, but has seats remaining, call that department directly.

Most of the time Registration goes smoothly—most of the time. There are ways to increase your chance of things going well and decrease your stress levels.

While your program advisor is your primary resource, I’m happy help you figure out your schedule, fit in your Honors courses, explore the Honors Contract that turns a traditional course into an Honors Experience, talk about how we count Study Abroad as Honors credit, etc. We never want you to take a class that does not count toward your degree or costs you extra money.

You can come by my office to vent frustration, eat your Wednesday popcorn, or share the deep feelings of calm and joy that descend upon you after your perfect schedule comes together.

I am on campus 8-5 every day, usually in our Pickell office, but on Monday and Wednesday I cross over to Henderson and work out of that office from 3-5.

Meanwhile, here is the best advice I can give:

    1. Take a deep breath.
    2. Check your account for holds.
    3. Meet with anyone and everyone who can help you make the best decisions.
    4. Find faculty who best match your strengths as a learner.
    5. Check out the Honors courses offered.
    6. Take advantage of MyDegree.
    7. Draft several possible solutions to your scheduling dilemmas. A “Plan B” is a good idea; “Plan C” is not a bad thought either.
    8. Before 4pm on Friday October 30th, when there is still someone on campus who can help, double-check your account for holds.
    9. November 2nd at 10:29am, Take another deep breath and Register. If you are in class at this time, talk to your peers and check in respectfully with your faculty to let them know your dilemma.