Lunch and Learn: Honors Contract Student Presentations

HonorsLogo-Flames-100pxSome Honors students who have completed Honors contracts for the Fall semester will be briefly presenting their projects at a Lunch and Learn on Thursday, December 10th, entitled “Honors Contract Student Presentations.” During this Lunch and Learn, the students will take 5-7 minutes each to describe their projects, explain what they got out of the Honors Contract process and answer any questions you may have. This is a great opportunity for students who are presenting contracts in the Spring to see what their fellow students have been working on. Below is a list of students who will be presenting and their respective topics.

Lindsey Gerstler Human Pesticile Usage Effect on Monarch Butterflies 

North American monarch butterfly populations have decreased dramatically over the past two decades. Monarch butterflies are known for their long migrations from the eastern parts of the U.S. and Canada to Mexico, and from the western parts of the U.S. to California. Their extensive migrations occur during the winter months when their breeding habitats are too cold for survival. Since monarch butterflies migrate such long distances, they are susceptible to environmental changed in two different habitats which may make them more vulnerable to environmental alterations. Several factors have been changing both their overwintering habitats and their breeding habitats. Habitat destruction, habitat degradation, side effects of climate change, and loss of their primary food source are possible causes of their recent population declines.

Paul Hicks Reverse Culture Shock 

In Paul’s intercultural communications class he had a unit that covered culture shock and reverse culture shock. He has spent over seven months abroad on eight different trips in 11 different countries. Because of the experiences he had abroad, Paul has had his fair share of encounters with culture shock and reverse culture shock. His paper explains two different communication theories that deal with both culture shock and reverse culture shock. It then goes into a section where Paul recounts four different trips where he encountered culture shock and reverse culture shock. To conclude the paper he discuses some of his thoughts and suggestions about how one can reduce the effects of culture shock and reverse culture shock.

Alyson Hill Community Project with Global Brigades

Alyson used her Global Health background to evaluate a community based project. Starting May 2016, I will volunteer with the RSO, Global Brigades, which will travel to Honduras, Central America. The goal of this community based project is to assess the nature of association between program health education efforts and participants uptake of intervention that enables access to clean water. During their seven day trip, Alyson will have the opportunity to work alongside the Global Brigades staff to help educate the local community on the importance of clean water.

Abbie-Jo Johnson Research Paper on Personality and Crime

Abbie-Jo’s project is about the relationship among adolescents, their tendency to be impulsive, and delinquency.

Lauren Johnston A Summary of Personality Characteristics Pertinent to Medical Professionals

Lauren’s project is based on the Big Five Personality Traits and how they could be effective in predicting burnout in health care professionals. She covered the basics of each trait and applied them to the health care professions and she also described how they could determine whether or not burnout was likely to occur.

Catherine Loschiavo Day in the Life of a College Student

Catherine created a video project about life as a college students. During her presentation she will present a short trailer for the film she has created.

Pasha Riggins Fingerprint Analysis (powder vs. fluorescent) On Different Surfaces

Pasha’s project is about detecting fingerprints with black magnetic powder or flourescent powder. She tested to see which powder worked best on different types of surfaces.

To learn more, please join us for the Lunch and Learn on Thursday December 10th from 11:00am till 11:50am in Pickell’s Conference Room. As usual, pizza from Jets pizza will be provided for those who attend. Please make sure to RSVP before noon on Wednesday, December 9th by emailing